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Classic Cases - Meetings Exhibition

Reviews of previous Youth Fashion Festivals

Since the first Youth Fashion Festival happened in Minhang Sports Park, till this year, the 8th was prosperously held in the People Park, 8 years witness the growth and charm of Youth League,to encourage its commonweal brands and the novelty projects.

Xuan Exhibition, as its booth designer and contractor, was responsible for all progress of activity, from preview, relevant promotion and design to post-products, booth layout and built-up, we witness every footprint of Youth Fashion, please refer the relevant works as following:

Project Name: The 2nd Youth Fashion Festival
Date: October 29th, 2006
Venue: Changfeng Park
Organizer:Shanghai Youth League Committe
          Youth Association of Shanghai

In October 29th, sponsored by Youth Association, 2006 Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival was held in Changfeng Park. As it said, the event was divided into fashion & culture, colorful living zone and social public welfare zones.  With the opening of festival, assorted of Youth Folk Organization continously carried out plenty of events in community, squares and schools, thoroughly displaying the healthy and upward charm and images from our young generation.

Project Name: The 3rd Youth Fashion Festival
Date: November 17th,2007
Venue: Hongkou Football Stadium
Organizer" Youth League in Shanghai
Undertaker: Shanghai Youth Home Folk Organization Service Centre
            League Committee of Hongkou District
            Shanghai Media Group

The 3rd Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival happened in Hongkou Football Stadium, Nov.17,2011, hundreds of characterized youth social association reunion together, presenting 7 fashion topics such as commonweal, outing, through cars to know friends, health, innovation, rigid vehicles etc. which also demonstrated it unique social culture and youth charm.

Project name: The 4th Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival
Date: November 8, 2008
Venue: Green space at People Park
Organizer: Shanghai World Expo 600 days mobilization headquarters
           Shanghai World Expo Bureau,
           Shanghai Civilization Office
           Shanghai League Committee

2008 4th Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival was held from Nov.8 to Dec.6, entitled as "Youth, action to Expo", in line with part of social members, union of 56 Youth compulsory organization, enhancing 30 activities in series, fully displayed the multicultural, social responsible and their capability, bringing expo promotion and participation to another climax among the youth or white collars.

Project Name:The 5th Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival
Date: October 25, 2009
Venue: Exit of Chenjia Town, Chongming, Changjiangbridge
Undertaker: Shanghai Youth Home Folk Organization
            Youth League of Chongming Committee
            Shanghai Media Group, League Committee

2009 Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival official had it ceremony opened on Oct.25, combining "running exercise of Changjiang bridge", started from the exit of the bridge, "fashion & Green Expo" called its curtain to bring 1 month‘s fun to the public.

Project Name: The 6th Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival
Time: 2010
Venue: No.8 Bridge Creativity Zone of Luwan District
Organizer: Shanghai Youth League Community

Especially supported by Shanghai League Committee and Citizen Bureau, the association of Youth talents in Shanghai, Youth Home, Volunteers association and "2010 Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival-Commonweal project photo gallery" was opened in No.8 Bridge Creativity Zone of Luwan District by attracting plenty of public welfare people, caring citizens and young friends etc.

Project Name: The 7th Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival
Date: Oct.30,2011
Venue: Huangjinchengdao, Changning District

This activity organized approximately 30 commonweal Youth associations to perform, marked as "Loving Shanghai" as well as the barter trade, to attract thousands residents to experience this wonderful trip.

Project Name: The 8th Shanghai Youth Fashion Festival
Date: Oct. 30, 2011
Venue: East dock of North Bund
Organizer: Shanghai Youth League Committee

With the memory of 90th anniversary of China Communist Youth League found,  young people around the city were excited to be reunion and attend.  In May 5, 2012, it was sponsored by Shanghai League Committee and Charity foundation, of the topic “we are a group of youth”, was held in East dock of North Bund.

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