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Classic Cases - Meetings Exhibition

"Vitality in Brilliance - Brilliance Group Employee Skills Competition

Brilliance Group employee skills competition activities was held at the Best Practical Zone of Urban Area at Expo Park in May 2011, which was attended by Youth League, Head quarter of city labor union, Municipal SASAC,the leadership of the Municipal Labor Skill Testing Center, Brilliance Group and its affiliated companies, key principal of the Party, Government, Labor and the league, over 500 representatives of labors and Mr.Xu Bing, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee, who also awarded the example of the employee skills competition from 2008 to 2010, Brilliance Group.

All attendee had great chance to see the live demonstration of aquatic products processing, security grappling fighting, forklift manipulation well as the jewelry promotion, auction valuation and jewelry design show etc. and assorted of skills projects by all the young workers from Brilliance Group, whose deputy secretary/head of labors association, Ms.LiuXiaoming announced "Relevant decision of examples of the employee skills competition from 2008 to 2010" and "The address of its skills‘ base notification", after its leadership awarded and signboard placed, the branch department of fruits and vegetables (Lianhua Share) and Oriental department respectively exchange how they trained the employee and the results of competition.

Mr. He Tao, the President of Brilliance Group fully affirmed the important roles that skills competition played in the enhance of business and hope all the employees, young co-workers continue to be the host and played a dominant role so that they are able to contribute on "the 12th 5 years ‘plan" with an excellent business heights. When its secretary of the Party committee, Chairman of Board, Mr. Ma Xinsheng unveiled the sign, the atmosphere onsite reached to a climax.

Xuan Exhibition Co.Ltd was the designer and contractor of this event, in accordance with its goal, we set everything in a high quality, no matter it was design or contractor, the perfect ending was based on our devotes involving with responsibility and hard working so we were fully affirmed by Brilliance Group.

Date: May 6, 2011
Venue: Best practical zone of urban at Expo Park
Sponsor: Youth League of Brilliance Group
Co-organizers: Brilliance Group
               Brilliance Group Workers Skills Association

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