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Classic Cases - Meetings Exhibition

The thoughts from Youth to make a green life – 2011 Amway Carnival Shanghai, Environment Protection

In September 24, two days of " The thoughts from Youth to make a green life - 2011Amway carnival Shanghai, Environment protection” was held in Zhabei Daning LingShi park through the various of humor and interactive games, providing the participants with a fun and colorful environmental protection weekend.

Date: September 24, 2011
Location: Zhabei Daning LingShi Park
Organizer: China Environmental Protection Foundation
           Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau
           The communist youth league committee of Shanghai
           Shanghai afforestation and administration bureau
           Amway (China) daily necessities co., LTD

Undertaken by Shanghai environmental protection propaganda education center
              Shanghai youth volunteer association
              Zhabei environmental protection bureau
              The communist youth league committee of Zhabei
              Amway (China) daily necessities co., LTD., Shanghai branch

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